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Getty Unshuttered Live


Motion Graphic Designer


J Paul Getty Museum | September 2019 | Los Angeles 

2019 Getty Unshuttered Live is a large-scale immersive projection event on the outdoor campus of the Getty Center Museum. There are over 3000 attendees. The Getty Unshuttered is a mix event of music, animation and photographies. The colorful contents are projected on more than 10 buildings and a rock fountain. The core of the event is the photography work created by the young artists that every year join the program.

I created two large scale of colorful animations that projected on several buildings of the Getty center. It conveys a feeling of dynamic movements and illusion of depth. My animation drew a lot of attention because of its vivid color and interesting motion graphic design.


Direction and Event design - Michael Patterson + Candace Reckinger
Producers - Martzi Campos, Sean Bouchard
Technical Design - Jordan Halsey, Shaoyu Su

Animation and Projections - Rui Huang, Yimin, Kaley, Daniel, Jenn, Sicong, Dodo, Dalton, Eva, Xiaotong, Dariel, Emily,

Cheng, Bob, Madoka, Ryan, Margaret, Baptiste, Mitch, Ana, Jake, Mike, Shaoyu, Brenda, Ankita

Clock Animation - Chun Chun, Eli, Ankita

Interactive Installation (Touch Designer) - Keshav, Crystal, Kaley, Mitch, Ankita

Projection Mapping - Ana, Ankita, Jordan

Projection - Arik Perelman and Gear Connection


2019 MuseWeb Conference GLAMi Awards Winner Education Program IC/Education

2019 AAM MUSE Awards Gold Video, Film, Animation, and Live Media or Digital Performances IC/Public Programs

2019 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Honorable Mention Education Program IC/Education

2019 California Association of Museums Superintendent's Award Excellence in Museum Education IC/Education

Shorty Social Good Awards Gold Storytelling IC/Education

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