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There You Are


Art director and 3D Artist


Video Game


Unreal Engine


An exploratory narrative game about grief, features stop-motion inspired graphic design, two endings from your choices and actions.

I worked with my game designer Rong Deng to finish this video game in 2021. I was responsible for the 3D assets modeling, texturing and lighting in the scene.


  Rong Deng - Creative Director/Game Designer/Programmer/Writer

   Rui Huang - 3D Artist/Lighting Artist/Co-Writer

   Yu Yang - Programmer

   Adam Morina - Narrative Designer

   Randen Banuelos - Narrative Designer

   Guangdi Jiang - UI Artist

   Yuwei Lin - UI Artist

   Mengyuan Guo - Animation Artist

   Alysha Bermudez - Sound Designer

   Nia Baker - Voice Actor of Su

   Demetri Bouzos - Voice Actor of Dad

   Aubrey Issacman - Voice Actor of Radio DJ

   Lazybeam - Composer

   Diipslience - Composer/Music Producer/Music Engineer

Awards / Showcases

2022 Games For Change Awards: Best Student Game

Nordic Game Discovery Contest (Argentina) - Winner

EVA DIGITAL 2021 - Best Art

Moscow Russia International Film Festival - Best Video Game

Urban Mediamakers Festival (UMF) 2021 - Best Game Winner

BIG Brazil's Independent Games Festival - Finalist

DreamHack Beyond July 2021 - Student Showcase

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021 - Semi-Finalist

Bit Bang 2021 - Official Selection

WORLD CINEMA ANTWERP BELGIUM 2021 - Official Selection

World Cinema Milan 2021 - Official Selection

Queer Global Arts Fest 2021- Official Selection

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